Friday, December 28, 2012

Where Children Sleep

Lewis by James Mollison

Mother Jones published a portfolio of images by James Mollison. They are from a series he made of children around the world and their bedrooms. I've seen several projects like this over the years showing people, usually young people, in their bedrooms or homes. Mollison uses a different approach in this case. He doesn't try to photograph the person in their environment, but photographs each separately and then afterwards pairs them together. This makes sense because he can take his time with each image and then can try out different images to see how they work with each other. I'm only guessing about his working methods, but like I said, it does make sense. Anyway, a great portfolio and definitely worth checking out. You can see it here.

Top 10 Photoshop Disasters for 2012

Photoshop Disasters has published their top ten list of the worst, or best, disasters for 2012, depending on how you look at it. If you aren't familiar with this website, it's a fun one to check out. It's kind of mind-boggling that these kinds of mistakes make it into print, but as long as people are doing the work, mistakes will be made. It's human nature. See their picks here. Though why this particular image made it in this year is a bit of a mystery, since the image itself is dated 2008. Perhaps it is part of a series of photos showing Oprah's weight at various points in her life. That would make sense, I suppose.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

New Photo Backpack

There is a new camera backpack for outdoor photography that actually looks new and is even exciting. It's being made by the new company, MindShift Gear, and will be called the Rotation 180 Photo Backpack. This backpack and company is a collaboration between Mike Sturm and Doug Murdoch, who were designers for Think Tank camera bags, and conservation photographer, Daniel Beltra. I wrote a profile of Daniel for PhotoMedia Magazine in 2010.

The Rotation 180 Photo Backpack is actually more of a system than just a backpack, with several well thought out innovations. The main feature is a separate belt pack that can be rotated out of the backpack and around to the front while wearing the backpack! Backpacks are really handy for carrying heavy loads for extended periods of time, but they are not really convenient to use. This product solves that problem rather neatly. This new backpack will be of interest to anyone who carries their equipment for hours at a time, whether you are a nature photographer or a photojournalist. There will also be a number of worthwhile accessories that will make it even more versatile, including rain covers and tripod slings.

This company and product is actually a Kickstarter project for the moment and will go into production very soon. They've already met their goal for Kickstarter, but they have some rewards packages left, if you want to get in on the action. As of today, they have 20 days left to go.

You can see their Kickstarter project here and you can read more about the Rotation 180 Photo Backpack here.