Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Focus on Photography goes to California

Kathy and I are traveling to Pasadena, CA this week to attend the California Arts Education Association Conference, November 15 - 18. Kathy will be giving two beading workshops and I'll be doing two digital photo workshops, plus giving a lecture on the Art of Digital Photography for the opening of the digital strand of the conference. For those interested in the digital photo workshop, there is a .pdf of the handout I did for the workshop available online for download. Click on Tips and Tricks for Fast and Easy Digital Documentation.

I'll post again next week to let you know how it went.


Amber Fox said...

Hello! I just wanted to send a little thank you to you and your wife. I was at the conference this weekend and really enjoyed your lecture. It was thoughtful, inspiring, educational and made me look at digital photography in a new way. I have been teaching photography for six years and just this year we are transitioning to digital photography. I would love if you posted your lecture on the blog or at least some of the quotes you mentioned. I am the young woman you met and discussed my thesis with, How Has Digital Photography Affected The High School Photography Curriculum. I hope to share you my thoughts and writings on this topic and send you the review of your awesome text that is included in the study. It was a true honor to meet you both and I am excited to learn more from you.

Hermon Joyner and Kathy Monaghan said...

Hi Amber

It was a pleasure to meet you at the conference. We would both love to read your thesis. If possible, please send it to me. You can email me at

Thanks for you kind comments.