Monday, March 2, 2009

Chris Rainier Profile in PhotoMedia Magazine

If you happen to live on the West Coast of the US, you can pick up the latest issue of PhotoMedia, a free magazine distributed in camera and photo-related stores. I wrote an article for the latest issue that profiles Chris Rainier, a photographer who works for National Geographic. Chris is a great example of someone who can blend their varied interests into a cohesive whole. He was the last assistant to Ansel Adams, but instead of going into landscape photography like so many of Adams's assistants, Chris went on to work for the International Red Cross and Amnesty International as a documentary photographer. Today at National Geographic, his work focuses on indigenous and at-risk cultures around the world. His work combines the aesthetics of traditional fine art B&W photography with the social relevance of documentary photography. Chris Rainier is an artist who believes that your work should make a difference in the world. Pick up PhotoMedia and read all about him and his work.

To see the online version of this article, click here.

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